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     Enjoy a well cooked meal any time you want without using up your valuable time cooking it. We at Your Personal Chef will cook your meals for you in your home. We are graduates from the famous Culinary School of Schoolcraft College with experience in the restaurant and hotel industry, We  prepare American, Classic French, Provincial French, Italian, German, Indian or any food that you prefer.

Tornedos of Beef

   We will leave the recipes for you, in case you wish to prepare the meal yourself again some day. And if you wish to learn some of the cooking techniques, we will be glad to teach them.

Sauteed Halibut with Potato Apple Celery Puree


    There are over 1000 recipes to choose from and more are added every week, so we can offer a new meal every day, if you so wish. Please check out the Sample Menu Items in this web site. If you have any special dietary needs, we will take care of them. We first meet with every client to assess their needs and preferences. We then provide a menu for your approval. The meal will be waiting for you to enjoy when you get home.


Click Here For Sample Menu Items


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